I'm quite new to working with IOTA, I just got started with the Shimmer network. My simple test is to send messages from a React Native application to the IOTA Shimmer network. Then, I want to write a smart contract, in Solidity (I believe it is supported by Shimmer or through any compatible layer), that can retrieve and interact with these submitted messages.


  • I have basic knowledge of React Native but no experience with the IOTA Shimmer.
  • I am familiar with Solidity but not sure how it integrates with Shimmer, if at all.


  • Is it possible to integrate a React Native application with the IOTA Shimmer to send messages?
  • How can one write and deploy a smart contract on the Shimmer network that interacts with these messages? Is Solidity an option, or is there a specific language or framework that Shimmer requires for smart contracts?
  • Are there any examples or resources that demonstrate similar integrations or workflows that I could reference?
  • Any guidance or pointers to relevant documentation, tutorials, or examples would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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