I'm messing around with a little android-app and managed to create an account, request faucet-tokens and mint a nativetoken.

However when I send the token, it seems to never reach the destination address. I'm using this statement:

    Transaction t = a.sendNativeTokens(new SendNativeTokens().withAddressesNativeTokens(new AddressNativeTokens[]{ new AddressNativeTokens()
            .withNativeTokens(new AddressNativeTokens.NativeTokenTuple[] {
                    new AddressNativeTokens.NativeTokenTuple(tokenId, tokenAmount)

(from https://github.com/iotaledger/wallet.rs/blob/develop/bindings/java/examples/src/SendNativeToken.java)

I've got no error or anything. It says the transaction is successfull. In the Tangleexplorer I can see, that the transaction has an expiration time set, which is the minute I sent it.

Can we set the expiration to none and to gift the storage deposit? I guess this is why it doesn't succeed.

Thank you very much! Z3p


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