Buongiorno, vorrei utilizzare la rete di IOTA per caricare dei dati in modo da renderli immutabili e avere un registro di questi dati per dimostrarlo. Mi sapreste dire quali sono i passi che devo affrontare? Grazie

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I am no expert but the only thing that is stored permanently on the iota tangle are the unspent outputs. In the current IOTA mainnet it is not possible to store data on the outputs according to this TIP.
I the other case the Shimmer network (IOTA innovation network) can store metadata on the outputs (refer to this TIP). You will have to create a basic output with a Metadata Feature.

So the steps will be:

  1. Get Shimmer tokens (could use the testnet and free tokens)

  2. Set up an understand a client software

  3. Send a valid block to the network.

    1. With a Transaction payload that move non 0 amount of funds.

    2. With a basic output with the metadata feature(here goes you "immutabili" data)

  4. To access your "registro" you will need to query the UTXO Indexer.

I do not know how to check that the data returned by the UTXO Indexer has not been altered. Because the node could be playing dirty and the metadata is not check when validating a transaction. But one could crypto-sign the data before sending the block to the tangle.

Again I am not an expert, but this is how I will do it.

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