I would like to make an app to store messages in the Tangle and retrieve them again.

Do I have to run an Iota node on my PC , or can I connect to a neighbou node to make the app?

with this code I always get the error message that the node is not reachable..

// I'm trying to connect to this node "http://api.testnet.shimmer.network:14265/"

 IotaAPI api = new IotaAPI.Builder()

where can I find connection information for existing nodes ?


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You do not have to run, nor own a Iota node to be able to post new blocks(messages) on the tangle.

where can I find connection information for existing nodes

This is a good question, there was a time, in some part of the wiki where this information existed. Now I can not find it.

You could use the different Iota clients to do it using that endpoint.

If you use your own client or do a POST request to that endpoint, your block has to fulfill Proof of work. Because I think node's Pow is disabled on that endpoint.

One could use curl to test that the endpoint is working, like explained here

Changing to https://api.testnet.shimmer.network .

To fulfill proof of work, refer to this tip (I believe these are the last specs on this).

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