From this question, I would like to know if there is an updated method to send big payload within the current IOTA network (chrysalis 1.5).

From the docs:

Because messages in IOTA are not allowed to exceed a size of 32kb, the message must declare the size of its payload to the node... like you would need to report the weight of a package if you want to send it with a courier in advance.

My doubts:

  • It is possible to declare the size of the message manually? For IOTA to somehow fragment the big payload into multiple messages?
  • Is there any method described on the API to fragment messages? I tried to look for the bundle definition in the documentation, but I haven't found it.

In case it can help, I'm using Rust library to send messages through IOTA streams.

I guess the only option is to split the payload before sending and assemble it after receiving, right?

Thank you very much.


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