While trying to deploy a wasp chain I am receiving the following timeout error:

wasp-cli chain deploy --committee=0 --quorum=1 --ch
ain=mychain --description="My chain"
creating new chain. Owner address: 1BsTvwN9jqFnF2t8....MbF3J1hza7. State controller: KsKvhbyBhHJQw....5uFcT51mLSsmBu8h, N = 1, T = 1
creating chain origin and init transaction 4GCMCGzzwUdzEVd1X1WB....GZYBwADUssw.. OK
sending committee record to nodes.. OK
activating chain ia4oztPgHCQJKyAy2zvVGsoFGQAyoxUhrrVCc6urEBGU.. FAILED: ActivateChainOnAccessNodes: #0: MultiCall: timeout

I have followed both wiki and the video tutorials but still facing the same issue.

I am running only 1 wasp node on WSL and receiving the following nodeconn warning:

2021-12-17T14:35:03+05:30       WARN    NodeConn        client/connection.go:56     can't connect with the server: dial tcp connect: connection refused

I am super new here and don't know how to resolve this error. Any help will be appreciated, please.

My environment setup:

  1. Windows Subsystem for Linux (Ubuntu-20.04)
  2. Go 1.16.4
  3. wasp-cli.json
  "wallet": {
    "seed": "<<seed-value>>"
  "goshimmer": {
    "api": "shimmer.chrysalis2.com:8080",
    "faucetpowtarget": -1
  "wasp": {
    "0": {
      "api": "",
      "nanomsg": "",
      "peering": ""

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Please use the goshimmer api as per the testnet endpoints, which should be https://api.goshimmer.sc.iota.org/.

Also, for now, you can use "faucetpowtarget": 21 instead.

Alternatively, if you can, setup everything locally for now. The testnet is highly experimental right now and might be down for upgrades or tests quite often.

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