IOTA wants to allow relative small nodes to participate in the network. There are two factors determining whether a node can participate:

  1. How many tps it can get through mana.
  2. If it has the bandwidth/cpu to stay synced.

Currently there is the idea to have 1000 tps maximum on the network so #2 isn't too prohibitive.

I wonder how this relates to mana requirements. If I assume that most access mana is from holding your own IOTA and network is fully used then:

Market cap: $4B

Investment required for 1/60 TPS(1 TPM): $4B /60/1000 =$66k

66k is a lot of money for a small router like node. Possible 1TPM is a lot & data sharding might lower requirements for most use cases, but my question:

What does IF think max $ investment should be for 1 tps? And what is the optimal tradeoff between tps limit and $ investment/tps.

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