Previously, I have had no problem opening Trinity on my Mac and after providing my password, it opened correctly. I updated after the recent closure and again, all was satisfactory. I have not used IOTA for a while, but I attempted to open it yesterday and received a message "Trinity Helper (Renderer) wants confidential info from my Trinity Wallet in my keychain and requires "login" keychain password. The only key I originally had was the one given to me for the seed vault, but this password was not accepted. If I click on "Deny" in this box a page opens stating error opening Trinity and now I cannot access IOTA. Any suggestions as to why this message is now appearing and how to resolve the issue.

  • never used Trinity on a mac, but I experienced similar messages on a Mac when changing my mac password. Entering your old mac password may get you past that prompt. – mihi May 23 at 12:14

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