I set uo a Trinity wallet on my MacAir about a year ago using a Nano X. This morning I opened it to check my balance and connected the Nano to check all was working. Everything fine. I then noticed that the wallet said i should update to the latest version. In doing so, I was asked to supply a keychain password which I don't have as, so far as I understand the seed is maintained in the ledger device. In trying to cancel this notice I received an error message which could not be closed and could not get back to the wallet. I deleted the wallet from Applications and I reverted to the original download of a year ago and reloaded it to Applications. This resulted in the following message: "There was a fatal error the wallet. Provided schema version 2 is less than the last set version 7". Is the solution to download again in conjunction with the Nano X?

  • Just get the latest trinity version on their website and connect it with your nano x. – Dude May 21 '20 at 12:16

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