I did the migration at the end of February! Everything seemed right. But somehow I got confused over time. And I was already tired. Somehow the migration was successful, but afterwards I had to find out that the Iotas didn't arrive in my new Trinity Wallet later! It is possible that when I saved the migration security tool, I saved a different seed than the one I made for the new wallet! What should I do? And technology and the internet are not always so understanding for me. Was already at the Discord. With someone from IF! Good start but then he probably didn't get on with me. And after so much time I literally let me sit with the problem! What do I do now? Is a lot of money for me over 2 Gi.Help !!! *

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    The migration tool created a new seed for you, in all cases. In case you did not export it as a SeedVault and also did not write it down, you are out of luck. – mihi May 2 '20 at 19:28

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