Let s say we have some critical information stored as Zero Value transactions on the Tangle. How long does it last?

Which robust approaches do you recommend to keep a copy of those transactions?

I am using the testnet.

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Nodes can choose to take a local snapshot at any time, which would delete old transactions from their ledgers.

Therefore, to be sure that your zero value transactions are not deleted, you would need to run your own node that does not take local snapshots.

See the developer documentation for information on running a node.

  • Thanks, please clarify what a local snapshot is – UserK 2 days ago
  • I have updated the question specifying that I am using the testnet – UserK 2 days ago
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    No problem. I updated the answer with a link. – Jake Cahill 2 days ago
  • Maybe storing transactions (on your db) as they are issued might be a solution. Thanks for the information provide. I ll accept your answer as the solution. Hope to get more options from the community – UserK 2 days ago
  • I have double checked the documentation, running a full nodes seems to be the best solution to the problem since it would imply full control over transactions. And would represent the most beneficial action for the Iota community – UserK yesterday

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