i am trying to follow private tangle implantation and when I use bazel run :build calculator command. I am afraid I don't know how to depth in it .json file? any suggestions (link I am following for private tangle implementation is mentioned below)


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Compass, IOTA's open source coordinator, uses a Merkle tree to overcome the limitation that every key can only be reused once. By building a tree of possible signatures, it can sign multiple times, therefore allowing more than one milestone.

The depth will determine the depth of this tree, controlling how many milestones the coordinator can sign before the key has to be replaced (or the testnet be reset).

Increasing the depth by one will double the number of possible signatures (=milestones), while increasing the time to compute the Merkle tree by about the factor 2, too.

You can set the depth in your config.json configuration file.

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