i have a question about the Trinity-Wallet in combination with Ledger Nano X. If i store my seed on the ledger nano and it gets lost i can restore my seed with a new ledger nano and the 24-word recovery phrase. see therefore:

https://trinity.iota.org/hardware/ --> Ledger FAQs

I lost my Ledger device, what should I do now?

Hopefully you backed up your 24-word recovery phrase (and optional passphrase) in a safe place. Otherwise your funds are lost. If you did back-up your recovery phrase, you can buy a new Ledger Nano S and enter the recovery phrase (and optional passphrase) when setting up the new device. Simply install the IOTA Ledger app,and set up your device with Trinity to access your funds again.

But what if i have no new Ledger device, how can i restore my iota with the 24-word recovery phrase only?


first some warnings:

  • Never give your seed or your recovery phrase to anyone! They will steal all your cryptocurrency token / money! We will never ask you for this information!
  • Take care, because if you use it, the seed gets exposed outside of the Ledger device, which defies the purpose of having a hardware wallet at all.

muXxer a valuable IOTA Community member wrote a script to restore your seed that you can find here:


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Iota/comments/9tlmrj/can_i_restore_my_iota_seed_from_my_ledger_backup/

another valuable IOTA Community member, Mobilefish, made a video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfXuWhl1SZs

Be aware that I did not test this and these are community projects and we can give no guarantee that they work.

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