I am using the following code to generate an address:

        var repository = IotaRepositoryFactory.Create("https://altnodes.devnet.iota.org");
        var nodeInfo = repository.GetNodeInfo();


        //  Generate Address
        var seed = new Seed("<MY SEED>");
        var addressGenerator = new AddressGenerator();

        // Please also see GetAdrress function for a single individual address
        var address = addressGenerator.GetAddress(seed,
                                                      SecurityLevel.Medium //security level 2
                                                      , 0 // from index

Using this address, I've used the IOTA faucet to send 1000 tokens to it:


However, although the transaction is confirmed, when I run the same code again I still have a balance of 0, what am I missing?

P.S. I would tag with 'c#' but I don't have enough reputation to create a new tag.

  • Can you show the code that reads the balance from the address? – mihi Sep 30 at 9:47

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