I see using sendTrytes you would get an bundle, but can I get hash from the bundle and return to me?

const transfers = [ { value: 0, address: address, message: message, tag: "SD" } ];

iota.prepareTransfers(seed, transfers)
    .then(trytes => {
        return iota.sendTrytes(trytes, 3/*depth*/, 14/*minimum weight magnitude*/)
        //min mwm is 9 for devnet, 14 for mainnet
    .then(bundle => {
        console.log(`Bundle: ${JSON.stringify(bundle, null, 1)}`)
        console.log('.then:', JSON.stringify([bundle["bundle"].hash])['hashes'][0])
        return bundle;
    .catch(err => {
        // Catch any errors

The following code returns the tail transaction hash:

.then(bundle => bundle[0].hash)

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