How would a simple program look like, that, when run, writes the message Hello World to the tangle?

  • Hi Kerry! In order to get a response faster, it would help to ask a preferred programming language! I could make a "raw" request to a node using broadcastTransaction, but that would not teach you anything .) – Brord van Wierst Jul 25 '19 at 20:30

Here are some 'workshops' covering several hello world examples, including sending a simple non value transaction:

Javascript: https://github.com/iota-community/javascript-iota-workshop

Python: https://github.com/iota-community/python-iota-workshop

Go: https://github.com/iota-community/go-iota-workshop

C: https://github.com/iota-community/c-iota-workshop


You can check this link about sending "Hello World" to Tangle: https://docs.iota.org/docs/client-libraries/0.1/how-to-guides/js/send-your-first-bundle

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