I've set up a private tangle following the guide on iotaledger/compass. Now I'm trying to enable zmq. I tried to change the following in the 03_run_coordinator.sh file. Changes are adding the 5556 port and the zmq_enabled configuration.

docker pull iotaledger/iri:latest
docker run -p 5556:5556 -t --net host --rm -v $scriptdir/db:/iri/data -v $scriptdir/snapshot.txt:/snapshot.txt -p 14265 iotaledger/iri:latest \
       --testnet \
       --zmq_enabled true

Unfortunately, it seems like zmq is still disabled.

  • Does the Coordinator support ZMQ? You should add it to 02_run_iri.sh if you want to enable ZMQ for your node. Jan 13, 2019 at 16:50


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