I'm always getting this error without understanding why.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'toTrytes' of undefined


// Require the use of IOTA library
const Iota = require('@iota/core')

// Create a new instance of the IOTA class object.
// Use 'provider' variable to specify which Full Node to talk to
const iota = Iota.composeAPI({
  provider: 'https://nodes.devnet.iota.org:443'

// Call the 'getNodeInfo call to check that the node is working
    .then(info => console.log(info))
    .catch(err => {})

//Actual Transaction
const address =
const seed =
const message = iota.utils.toTrytes('Hello World!')

const transfers = [
    value: 0,
    address: address,
    message: message

  .prepareTransfers(seed, transfers)
  .then(trytes => iota.sendTrytes(trytes, 3, 9))
  .then(bundle => {
  .catch(err => {
    // catch any errors

Maybe this will work:

const Converter = require('@iota/converter') const message = Converter.asciiToTrytes('MAYBE LIKE THAT')

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