I used to think that IOTA is the cryptocurrency which uses the Tangle Direct Acyclic Graph. But today I spend some time on the IOTA official and there is no single appearance of the word "cryptocurrency". It is said that IOTA is a "Distributed Ledger Technology developed by the IOTA Foundation" which is "based on the revolutionary distributed ledger technology, the Tangle". So IOTA is a DLT based on a DLT ?

  • IOTA to Tangle is what Bitcoin to Blockchain. Commented Dec 8, 2018 at 12:01

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IOTA is the name of the project/network and also the name of the Token/Cryptocurrency. The Tangle, which is a DAG, is the data structure that is used by IOTA, same as the Blockchain is the data structure used by Bitcoin. DLT is just a more generic term for the technology that most people refer to as "Blockchain" but for the case of the IOTA and a few other more recent projects, it is not correct because a DAG is not a blockchain.

I think what you meant to say is, IOTA is a DLT based on a DAG, this would be correct.

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