Looking at the Java active threads in the IRI and assuming that the network has properly distributed all new transactions through the gossip & request processes,

Does it enter a state of rest? Or does it continually recirculate old transactions and make requests for already circulated random transactions?

This answer requires code-analysis.

  • There is no such thing as "being synchronized" in an async distributed system, right? – Come-from-Beyond Dec 8 '18 at 9:44

It seems that the network does not enter a 'quiet state'. I will update this answer as I find new code sections to share.

Tip Requesting Thread

This thread makes a request to all neighbors every 5 seconds. The latest milestone is sent to all neighbors, a 1.6 KB transaction package, and the neighbors are asked to reply with a tip that they have in their request queue.

        while (!shuttingDown.get()) {
            try {
                final TransactionViewModel transactionViewModel = TransactionViewModel.fromHash(tangle, milestoneTracker.latestMilestone);
                neighbors.forEach(n -> n.send(tipRequestingPacket));
            } catch (final Exception e) {
                log.error("Tips Requester Thread Exception:", e);
        log.info("Shutting down Requester Thread");

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