According to pyota library, it states that get_bundles() may return multiple bundles with a specific transaction hash. But even we replay/reattach the bundle, its transactions' hash will change. I wonder in which circumstance it is possible to return list of matching bundles with one transaction only?

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In the original API Proposal, it mentions that getBundle() may return multiple bundles:

If there are multiple bundles (because of a replay for example), it will return multiple bundles.

When I implemneted PyOTA, I used the API Proposal to design the interface, and I based the implementation off of the iota.lib.js library.

At the time, the JS getBundle() method always returned a single bundle regardless of circumstances, so I didn't know how to make PyOTA's get_bundles() method return multiple bundles, but I still wanted to keep the interface flexible for when that functionality was finally implemented.

However, it appears that this functionality has been definitively dropped; the API Proposal hasn't been updated in nearly 2 years, and in the most recent version of iota.js, the getBundle() method is still documented as always returning a single bundle.

It might be worthwhile to add something to the PyOTA issue tracker to reconcile this disparity with the JS lib.

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