Since IOTA is designed specifically for IoT, is there a specific library for micro-controllers such as ESP, such that we can interact (send a transaction) directly from a micro-controller to the IOTA Tangle?

And if yes, is there an existing example?

Note 1: Concerning the task of micro-controller, consider for example grabbing some value (could be temperature, Power,…) by micro-controller and initiate a transaction to certify this value at a specific time.

Note 2: Please note that Raspberry Pi is NOT an option. Instead we intend to use a micro-controller such as ESP8266.


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I am working exactly on this at the moment: https://github.com/embedded-iota/iota-c-light-wallet (but on my fork. I will push it to embedded iota when it works fine.) The address generation works fine. I have trouble to create a transaction bundle. There are some tricky parts when you work on a MCU without MMU. In my case: STM32F1. I also integrated it into RIOT OS. There is also a complete example with subscribing via lora: https://github.com/Citrullin/RIOT/tree/iota_implementation/examples/iota-address-lora Feel free to fork and ping me on discord. (@citrullin)

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