Tip selection uses a depth parameter that the TipSelectorImpl accepts to determine a starting transaction, actually an N-deep Milestone, for the approved Random Walk Monte Carlo random tip selection algorithm.

How does a client provide a proper same transaction selection at depth without the need for referencing a Milestone?

I am looking for Java source code or a simple to follow procedure.

This question has an open bounty worth +100 reputation from Austin Powers ending in 4 days.

The question is widely applicable to a large audience. A detailed canonical answer is required to address all the concerns.

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    Note on terminology: A "tip" is a transaction without any other transaction referencing it directly or indirectly. So saying a "starting tip" should be a "starting tx" (you don't start the walk from a tip, you walk towards a tip). – John Licciardello Sep 7 at 20:38
  • Thanks. Question edited for correct terminology. – Austin Powers Sep 7 at 23:55

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