IOTA has multisig as a way for the transaction to be signed by more than device before being sent.

Is there any way to tell if a transaction was produced by a multi-signature process?

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A normal signature can be stored in one, two or tree transactions. It depends on the security level selected by the user.

A transfer from a normal address with security level 3 requires a bundle with at least 3 transactions to store the signature, and usually an additional transaction is required for the remainder.

A transfer from a multisig address will usually requires more than 3 transactions to store the signature because the security level of the multisig transfer is the sum of all security level of all individuals signing the bundle.

So when Alice and Bob agree to transfer from their multisig address: if Alice use a security level 3 and Bob security level 2 : the final bundle requires five transaction to store the signature (+1 if there is a remainder).

On the other hand, if Alice and Bob uses both security level 1 : the final bundle only requires 2 transactions to store the signature... and (unless I miss something) there is no way to make a distinction between this bundle and a standard bundle with security level 2.

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