The Coordinator signs Milestones using Curl-P27 and has not been migrated to Kerl.

Why is it important to migrate it and what does that solve?

See Milestone verification:

  • Analyses made by cryptographers suggest that a practical attack against the Coordinator using Curl-P-27 are impossible but it's common practice to follow their advice if they suggest to switch to another hash function. – Come-from-Beyond Aug 8 at 16:57
  • @Come-from-Beyond care to make an official answer? – Austin Powers Aug 8 at 21:52
  • I'm not an official representative of IOTA Foundation which develops IOTA. – Come-from-Beyond Aug 9 at 6:54
  • @Come-from-Beyond Huh? OK. Then how about a 'vanilla non-organizational plain-envelope' answer? – Austin Powers Aug 9 at 8:58

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