I am curious to understand how the tangle has improved in terms of confirmation rate since its inception. Are there any statistics which show this? A positive growth is definitely a good sign. And if the differential of this growth rate is also positive its an even better sign.

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    You might want to contact alon-e and see if you can use the tool here: github.com/alon-e/iota-ctps with the current IRI node database. – Austin Powers Jul 27 at 9:46
  • This is also a good tool and allows for download of historical data traviota.iotalt.com This is actually the best tool since it actually transfers balances and promotes/reattaches them like the real wallet. You can select the time frame to test too. – Austin Powers Jul 27 at 10:12
  • @AustinPowers, thanks for pointing to the data. I plotted the data which had transactions since May 16th, since the duration of data is not quite enough I couldn't see any trend. Hopefully your students results by the end of summer will have some insights. – nipidon Jul 28 at 22:49
  • Glad it helped. Good luck. – Austin Powers Jul 28 at 23:13
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The global confirmation rate (ctps) is unfortunately not a good indicator of the healthiness of the tangle. (and I say "unfortunately" because many commentators believe it is).

Why global ctps isn't a good indicator ?

IOTA is a permissionless and feeless network, so it is easy for anyone to setup a node using an unfair tip-selection algorithm, flooding the network with invalid transactions and impacting the ctps negatively. That's exactly what we see today with the "side-tangle".

A good indicator would be the ctps of transactions attached to the tangle using a fair tip-selection algorithm. AFAIK, today it's impossible to compute this kind of indicator accurately (because when looking at a transaction, it's impossible to say (with 100% certainty) what kind of tip-selection algorithm was used to attach it).

You can find some historical data here but it contains data only since Friday, May 18, 2018 4:37:00 PM GMT and keep track of value transaction only.

  • IOTA is not a permissionless and feeless network. Firstly, there is manual tethering and that borders on making the network a 'permissioned' network. Secondly, there is obviously a cost to someone that is spamming the network. To claim otherwise is misleading and disingenuous. Comparatively, it is in fact not easy for anyone to setup a node and flood the network. – Austin Powers Jul 27 at 7:56
  • Furthermore, most of your answer went to avoiding the question. There obviously are statistics and indicators and you fail, or refuse, to address the question directly with the available facts available. – Austin Powers Jul 27 at 7:58
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    today it's impossible to compute this kind of indicator accurately - it can be done experimentally. In fact, I have a student working on this - he's tracking the confirmation rate of transactions created by him through time. Results hopefully coming at the end of summer. – kfx Jul 27 at 8:06
  • see my comment on the OP. – Austin Powers Jul 27 at 9:34

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