In the IRI, there is no filter that prevents anyone from cancelling another users 'attachToTangle' operation when the POW is in progress.

See API.java, case "interruptAttachingToTangle"

Why is that?

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It's the responsability of the node owner to configure it's node properly. The recommended setting is to not allow remote-POW (therefore interruptAttachingToTangle is a NOOP).

If the node owner allows remote-pow, it is probably a good idea to not allow remote call to interruptAttachingToTangle. (using remote-limit-api parameter)

  • Cancelling is still allowed locally (A script running on the node may have the ability to do it). Allowing the light-node-client to cancel it's own request would requires some kind of authentication. Such mechanism isn't implemented (yet ?).
    – ben75
    Commented Jul 22, 2018 at 14:10

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