I'm developing a Java REST web services app that works with the Tangle. Currency won't be involved, just data messages, as from sensors.

I think MAM is the technology for me, but I am not seeing any MAM Java API. I've downloaded and used the mam.client.js, and played around a bit by cloning publishPrivate.js and trying to invoke it from Java using the Nashorn Script Engine*—but I am currently running into ScriptExceptions having to do with the JS arrow function =>. I may post a question about this later, but for now I'd like to know if a MAM Java API is coming? If so, when is it expected?

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  • Hi Bob, questions about guessing future releases are not a good fit for the Stack Exchange model. To emphasize that I closed the question. Anyways mihi's information answered your question already. – Helmar Jul 21 '18 at 7:27
  • We are working on a java mam lib – Tobi MZ Oct 6 '18 at 11:14

Since iota.lib.java is a community effort (not written by the foundation), I assume a MAM library would have to be written by the community as well. – mihi♦

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