I need to listen for a new transactions on testnet submitted by wallet/address programmatically(js). I have tried iota.lib.js, but findTransactionObjects and getAccountData always returns null. Is there any other lib or other approach to listen or retrieve transactions?

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    Can you add the code snippets of what you tried?
    – Helmar
    Jul 3, 2018 at 15:31

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Solution: seed must be recipient of transaction

function getLastTransaction(seed){
    iota.api.getAccountData(seed, (error, success) => {
        } else {
            let long = success.transfers.length
            let lastT = success.transfers[long-1][0]
            let tx = 
                'message' : lastT.signatureMessageFragment
            var message = tx.message.replace(/\d+$/, "")


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