Sometime in Q4 2017 I sent my MIOTA to the wallet. I verified then that the funds had arrived. Now I am logging in and the balance says 0. I am having a hard time interpreting the transaction history. Can someone take a look? My address is LKQGBV9MCMPVJTTEJMPSAZNRFGMIWJSNSRQVLXTHSXEQQO9FGYCVAEPZBI9EWQUVOFVYCBFVZNUJPTXIDLCDUNBPRD

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If you haven't used an online seed generator, most likely your funds are safe. Are there any outgoing Txs in the history of your wallet?

Two days ago, there was a snapshot. Log into your wallet with your seed, then go to the receive section and generate new addresses. Keep on generating receive addresses until your balance is restored.

Also have a look at this well written post by Ralf Rottmann (IF Board of Directors) to get a good understanding of what a snapshot is and what it does. Here: https://medium.com/@ralf/prepare-for-the-january-28-2018-iota-snapshot-10f565b371ab

If this doesn't help, keep us updated here.


If you are certain that your seed has not been compromised, then either there was a snapshot or you may just be connected to an unsynced node. The last snapshot was on April 29th, 2018, so if you haven't accessed your wallet since then, then please read this post for necessary steps to take with the most current version of the light wallet to recover your balance. Please note that everyone had to go through this. In the case of a bad node, you may also look up a node in this list of healthy nodes to connect to. You'll need to be connected to a healthy node regardless of your situation.

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