I'd like to find every message attached to the transactions of an address So I have to search transaction by address with find_transactions(), then list all the signature_message_fragment How can I do this? I tried this:

list_add = [Address('MYADDRESS')] print(api.find_transactions(addresses = list_add))

and I get all the TXs hashes. Now how can I list all the signature_message_fragment?

  • Never used PyOTA, but there should be a GetTrytes or similar function which you pass in transaction hashes and get transaction trytes back. Then wrap that trytes into TransactionTrytes objects (or use substring parsing) to get the messages out.
    – mihi
    Mar 19, 2018 at 20:17

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There's a utility function called find_transaction_objects (that will be added to the main API soon) that may be useful here.

It does the same thing as find_transactions, except it then converts the trytes that the IRI sends back into proper iota.transaction.base.Transaction objects.

Once you have Transaction objects, you can access each one's signature_message_fragment (which is an iota.types.TryteString object) and decode it:

from iota.commands.extended.utils import find_transaction_objects

transactions = find_transaction_objects(addresses=list_add)

for transaction in transactions:
  # Ignore input transactions; these have cryptographic signatures,
  # not human-readable messages.
  if transaction.value < 0:

  print(f'Message from {transaction.hash}:')

  message = transaction.signature_message_fragment
  if message is None:

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