Once the user has installed a full node by downloading and starting an already compiled package (using e.g. these instructions), what steps can be taken to debug it?

For example, the IRI GitHub page shows below sample configuration file with the "DEBUG" property set to "true":

PORT = 14700
NEIGHBORS = udp://my.favorite.com:15600
IXI_DIR = ixi
DEBUG = true
DB_PATH = db

I have a couple of questions that I would like to ask about this:

  1. To get more information in the log file is it sufficient to set DEBUG to "true" if it is set to "false" and restart the iota service?
  2. Or does anything else need to be done in addition (such as recompiling IRI with some specific settings)?

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It is quite undocumented and I read here: you also have to uncomment the debug part of IRI logback.xml file and then compile and package IRI again.

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