I installed IOTA CLI Wallet and executing 'iota-cli' works after iri is executed. I get NodeInfo command run on iota-cli from my terminal also. So I guess a stand alone IOTA wallet core is now installed on my server.

But I needed to interact with IOTA node via browser. For that i installed IOTA Javascript Library in public html of my server. The library also seems to be installed.

  • I have left Neighbors field empty in iri.ini file. Is that okay?

  • The API documentation seems very easy also. But i don't know where to put api calls specified in documentation.

  • Should I write a html file in public root including iota.js in script src and also include the api calls below that in another script tag. I tried this method and got error below in console

lineNumber: 3745 message: "Invalid Response: "

  • I have done so much of searching. I found nothing that fits me. That may be because of wrong keywords. Please suggest a complete beginners guide apart from official API documentation. I understand that but don't know where to call those scripts as mentioned above.

  • I am a total newbie to this cryptocurrency stuff. Please help. and if you find this question unsuitable please suggest another forum to ask. And please comment below on improving this question before you downvote

UPDATE: How to specify neighbors in iri.ini file. An example with random ip and port no would be really helpful.

  • did you figure out this? I am looking for something similar
    – matt
    Aug 27, 2019 at 23:32


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