Say I have a script to generate addresses automatically, how can I attach it to the tangle using the library?

From the Javascript library I see that these are the parameters:

*   @param {string} trunkTransaction
*   @param {string} branchTransaction
*   @param {integer} minWeightMagnitude
*   @param {array} trytes

If I just want to simulate the official wallet to attach a new address, how can I prepare those parameters?

  • Why not just use sendTransfer by providing zero value tx with your addresses? – Akkumulator Feb 2 '18 at 7:20

Attaching an address is just sending a 0 value tx to this address.

You can use the sendTransfer method of the JavaScript library. It handles the tip-selection (branch- and trunkTransaction) and conversion to trytes for you.

var transfers = [{
    'address': addressToAttach,
    'value': 0,
var minWeightMagnitude = 14 // as in the light-wallet
var depth = 3
iota.api.sendTransfer(seed, depth, minWeightMagnitude, transfers, (e, bundle) => {})
  • It's sendTransfer method deprecated? – Albert Olivé 3 hours ago

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