I have some neigbors which doesn't have zero. For me it looks like they are somehow broken. Is that true or is it okay if some neighbors have invalid transactions?

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For every invalid transaction from neighbor you will see one of those logs :

"Transaction processing runtime exception "

My interpretation : received data is corrupted in some way. Should be rare, unless your neighbor is voluntary spamming with garbage.

"Error accessing persistence store."

My interpretation : Problem maybe on your side. Your IRI is unable to persist the transaction received from your neighbor in local DB.

"Received an Invalid TransactionViewModel. Dropping it..."

My interpretation : your neighbor send you something that looks like a transaction, but it is not valid. I guess that your neighbor and you aren't running the same version of the IRI.

  • It is still the last one... So, I have still neigbors in old versions... hate it... Thx. Remove them for now and take a look if it is getting better. I will notify them.
    – Citrullin
    Commented Jan 1, 2018 at 14:09

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