I transferred about 27 IOTA from Binance on the 29th. However, my wallet is not showing any balance and no matter what I try, there is still no balance. I am not sure if my wallet was fully synced or not when I generated my receive address (could this be the problem?).

Are my coins truly gone? Is there no way to get them back? Here is the transaction: https://thetangle.org/transaction/FUVGTAISPIWXNKMCGHMWCWRT9W9PPMPMHQWAQAPOSXHEJNTTBLFKADCZFLIGHX9QFCTDT9LUWCNEA9999

  • Is WHUBOKCTKHEPBLNDWHRSFGZWVXFNS9IWSBHPMSYCHEVHIJC9LZHXPAPXEUZOMQWDLU9ZPMRCACB9LJBIAOUAYSDJEC one of your addresses? Go to HISTORY to see your addresses.If it doesn't show up, go to RECEIVE and click ATTACH TO TANGLE or GENERATE NEW ADDRESS several times. – Zauz Dec 31 '17 at 15:13
  • @Zauz No it does not show up in my history. Someone suggested that maybe I put in the wrong seed but it just seems very unlikely because I copy and paste it every time. If I was not synced when I originally generated the address, could that have been the problem? – VakarianWrex Dec 31 '17 at 16:23
  • What do you mean by "not synced" a light wallet dont have to sync? Also can you add a screen from your history. – Oyren Jan 3 '18 at 23:00

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