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Can one send a zero value transaction from any address to any address?

Since zero value transactions do not require a signature, I assume one can send 0 value tx from any address, even if he does not own the corresponding seed. Is this assumption correct?

transaction security address signing  
asked by Akkumulator 7 votes
answered by mihi 7 votes

Can I check that my SEED generated the address? Missing coins!

I downloaded the IOTA wallet through the official site, then created a SEED, logged in and generated an address. I attached it to the tangle and then transferred some coins from Bitfinex. I have ...

wallet seed  
asked by trackmaxi 4 votes
answered by mihi 1 vote

Difference between score and cumulative weight

What is the difference between score and cumulative weight (of a transaction), in IOTA white paper?

asked by AstronautID 6 votes
answered by Phil-ZXX 4 votes

How exactly are transactions verified and confirmed in IOTA

What I understand is when I purchase an IOTA the source which I make my purchase is one of the node in the network of nodes. This node uses the Monte Carlo algorithm to pick two previous transactions ...

transaction snapshot milestones  
asked by amitnair92 8 votes
answered by Zauz 4 votes

How do you find addresses with balance with the seed?

I'm trying to build a small C# client and use the C#-Api on Github. My problem is: With one seed I can generate millions of adresses. How do I find all addresses with balance when I type in my seed? ...

wallet seed address iri-api  
asked by FrankToast 3 votes
answered by ben75 4 votes

What are the expected advantages of Curl-P over Kerl algorithm?

The current hashing algorithm of IOTA is Kerl—a ternary version of Keccak algorithm. But the IOTA foundation is still researching on Curl to develop Curl-P. So, which major advantages does one expect ...

kerl curl algorithm hashing  
asked by Tobi MZ 6 votes
answered by Laurence 12 votes

What is the average transaction time in IOTA?

In other blockchains, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, the transaction time is limited by the block time. Even then, there's no guarantee your transaction will be incorporated into the next block. (I'll ...

transaction confirmation  
asked by Richard Horrocks 14 votes
answered by mihi 6 votes
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