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How many transaction per second are registered by a full node?

I'm reading different answers about the txs/sec on the tangle and I think I'm missing something. Someone says that right now there are 1000 txs/sec, someone else says 1-2 txs/sec. What's the ...

iri-node transaction  
asked by Diego Stucchi 3 votes
answered by ben75 4 votes

What smart contract language does IOTA use?

What smart contract language does IOTA use? Solidity?

asked by Nathan Aw 3 votes
answered by Bayequentist 1 vote

Can someone explain very simplified how the Winternitz OTS/Lamport OTS works?

I read the Wiki example, but I am still confused to be honest. Could someone provide a really simple example?

security winternitz lamport  
asked by Muppet 7 votes
answered by Phil-ZXX 10 votes

What is an IOTA "bundle"?

The tangle explorer allows searching for addresses, transactions and bundles. While the meaning of addresses and transactions seem clear to me, I am not aware of the purpose of bundles. ...

asked by Afr 21 votes
answered by todofixthis 19 votes

Why does IOTA use a ternary number system?

What are the benefits of the ternary number system over the more traditional binary number system? Are there drawbacks to ternary with respect to binary, aside from the obvious of less adoption?

asked by dreid 53 votes
answered by DisplayName 35 votes

Consensus - how is a single, non-conflicting graph (tangle) maintained?

In traditional blockchains consensus is maintained by proof of work such that the valid chain containing the most cumulative work is agreed to be the consensus chain. IOTA lacks blocks and ...

tangle consensus  
asked by nate 18 votes
answered by Come-from-Beyond 17 votes

What is the total supply of IOTA?

In Bitcoin the total supply is capped at 21 million BTC. In Ethereum things are slightly looser. (I don't know what their total supply will be.) What's the case for IOTA? Is there a cap, and if so, ...

asked by Richard Horrocks 28 votes
answered by Astro_Paul 27 votes
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