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How to start a new offline subtangle?

Can a new offline subtangle be created without referencing any existing transactions? Or does the offline node which is running this offline tangle need to start out with some global history and pick ...

offline subtangles  
asked by Matt 7 votes
answered by Zauz 4 votes

Can one send a zero value transaction from any address to any address?

Since zero value transactions do not require a signature, I assume one can send 0 value tx from any address, even if he does not own the corresponding seed. Is this assumption correct?

transaction security address signing  
asked by Akkumulator 7 votes
answered by mihi 7 votes

How are addresses calculated from the seed?

I was wondering how addresses are calculated from the seed. Specifically, I thought it was using the hash of the seed plus a nonce to create the address. But I would appreciate if someone could shed a ...

security seed address  
asked by Dominik Harz 9 votes
answered by mihi 10 votes

Coordinator Address is Hard-Coded - Secure?

This question might have risen out of not enough knowledge about the role of the Coordinator. But.. Due to its one-time nature, the security of funds in an address decreases rapidly if you sign ...

address-reuse coordinator  
asked by Makan Tayebi 4 votes
answered by alexpods 3 votes

What is Minimum Weight Magnitude?

What is this number and how does it effect the transactions? Why does the wallet give us the ability to change it and in what circumstances can a different number help?

asked by Spamalot 6 votes
answered by takra 8 votes

Will the total supply of IOTA tokens ever increase?

When wealth is created through work, shouldn't the currency supply also increase to ensure the liquidity of wealth? Edit: The total supply of IOTA tokens right now is (3^33-1)/2. The circulating ...

asked by Bayequentist 5 votes
answered by aboose 13 votes

Persistence of important data on the Tangle

To this date, the IOTA network truncates all stored transactions after a snapshot, so that we basically only have an image of addresses with funds. Now lets assume following scenario: Company A ...

tangle snapshot subtangles  
asked by Luca M. 13 votes
answered by Spamalot 4 votes
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