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Top new questions this week:

Smart Contract for IOTA: Is it finally possible to deploy a contract in IOTA in practice? Or still underway?

I heard before that IOTA decided to add the possibility of developing and deploying the smart contract in IOTA (Like Ethereum) with a specific language called "Abra", and it was promised to be run at ...

smart-contract abra contract  
asked by Questioner 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do I Have to Change My Seed after Multiple Transactions?

Is it recommended to change the seed and transfer the funds after creating a higher, specific amount of Receive addresses and doing multiple (20+), completed transactions (no double-spending of ...

transaction wallet security seed  
asked by ZiiZou 7 votes
answered by Zauz 8 votes

Why is the normalized hash considered insecure when containing the char 'M'

Looking at the code of the iota.lib.js' bundle creation mechanism, a normalized hash is computed and then checked for inclusion of 13 /* = M */. If one is found, the obsoleteTag is incremented, and ...

security bundles hashing  
asked by Akkumulator 9 votes
answered by Come-from-Beyond 8 votes

How to know a transaction is "confirmed"?

I'm building a little IOTA test project with TypeScript + Node.js. I want to start an action when IOTAs are received on an certain address. I've tried the findTransactionObjects function, but I ...

transaction iri-api javascript development  
asked by user2190035 9 votes
answered by mihi 8 votes

What is the difference between a light node and a full node GUI wallet?

What is the exact difference between a full node wallet and a light node GUI wallet and which of both should I use?

iri-node wallet light-node  
asked by Mo. 5 votes
answered by Zauz 5 votes

Full node vs permanode

I would like to clarify the distinction between the pragmatics and incentive of running a full node vs a permanode. Could you comment if my statements correct,and if necessary correct mine to ...

iri-node permanode  
asked by user3223162 9 votes
answered by user3223162 1 vote

What does the IOTA coordinator actually do?

We know that there is a coordinator, which helps to secure the network in order to prevent attacks in early stages of adoption. What does it do exactly, how does it work?

coordinator tangle  
asked by stpoa 27 votes
answered by fijter 26 votes

A blockchain is a specific type of DAG, true or false?

Blockchains are similar to tree-like data structures. In best case list like. One can argue that both lists and trees are graphs with certain restrictions. And because blockchains are directed and ...

asked by Bayequentist 5 votes
answered by ben75 3 votes
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