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Top new questions this week:

BadApiResponse (Wrong MinWeightMagnitude) in Hornet via PyOTA

I have create a Private tangle with Hornet, and I setup three peer node for testing. When I test for sending data with this tutorial, it responses from iota import Iota, TryteString, Address, Tag, ...

pyota hornet  
asked by Danny Yamamoto 3 votes
answered by todofixthis 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is double spending possible in IOTA?

It is mentioned in Tangle's white paper (technology behind IOTA) that From the above discussion it is important to recognize that the inequality λ > μ should be true for the system to be secure. In ...

tangle double-spending  
asked by scipsycho 6 votes
answered by wass 7 votes

How exactly are transactions verified and confirmed in IOTA

What I understand is when I purchase an IOTA the source which I make my purchase is one of the node in the network of nodes. This node uses the Monte Carlo algorithm to pick two previous transactions ...

transaction snapshot milestones  
asked by amitnair92 8 votes
answered by Zauz 4 votes

ZeroMQ subscription to address not working

is any of you able to subscribe to ZeroMQ with address as a topic? According to the documentation this should be possible by putting the public address as a topic in socket.subscribe(). I have no ...

iri-node address  
asked by Pavel Beran 2 votes
answered by Guy 3 votes

What is the difference between a light node and a full node GUI wallet?

What is the exact difference between a full node wallet and a light node GUI wallet and which of both should I use?

iri-node wallet light-node  
asked by Mo. 6 votes
answered by Zauz 5 votes

When I lose 2FA for Trinity do I still have access using my Seed?

I use 2FA and my password to sent transaction via Trinity. When I would lose my smartphone with Google authenticator do I still have the option to get my IOTAs with my Seed? Thank you!

asked by Gabriel 4 votes
answered by ben75 2 votes

What is the Min Weight Magnitude and what implications arise from changing it?

The Min Weight Magnitude determines how 'hard' the POW puzzle is. How does this work? What are the implications when setting a lower or higher MWM, how does it impact the consense and are tx with ...

transaction wallet min-weight-magnitude  
asked by Akkumulator 9 votes
answered by Laurence 7 votes

Cant log in with trinity wallet deskop on Win 10 64bit

So I generated a new Seed and now i would like to log in, but whenever I enter my password I get following error: Node returned an error while fetching your account information, change node Whenever I ...

asked by Phạm Thành Đạt 2 votes
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