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Can IOTA have a hard fork?

With so many forks occurring in Bitcoin (Bitcoin Classic, Cash, Gold, Diamond, Silver, ...) I was wondering if it was possible for IOTA to have a fork? I know that IOTA uses a "DAG" (Directed ...

fork dag  
asked by Avelino 8 votes
answered by aboose 9 votes

How does address reuse prevention affect scalability?

Address reuse is currently being prevented by a list of all addresses which have already sent a transaction (previousEpochsSpentAddresses.txt) and this list is checked by the full node (or remote node)...

address-reuse scalability  
asked by janowitz 14 votes
answered by kfx 2 votes

What happens if I send money to the wrong address?

What happens if I make one mistake in the adrress where I want to send my money to? For example if I write an i instead of l inside the address. Would the money be send to that wrong addrress ...

transaction address  
asked by Vrom 2 votes
answered by Daniel F 8 votes

ZeroMQ subscription to address not working

is any of you able to subscribe to ZeroMQ with address as a topic? According to the documentation this should be possible by putting the public address as a topic in socket.subscribe(). I have no ...

iri-node address  
asked by Pavel Beran 2 votes
answered by Guy 3 votes

Consensus - how is a single, non-conflicting graph (tangle) maintained?

In traditional blockchains consensus is maintained by proof of work such that the valid chain containing the most cumulative work is agreed to be the consensus chain. IOTA lacks blocks and ...

tangle consensus  
asked by nate 18 votes
answered by Come-from-Beyond 17 votes

What is ICT (IOTA controlled agent)?

Recently read CFB's mention of this -- can't find any more data on it.

iota-network raspberry-pi  
asked by Genxthis 3 votes

What information is leaked if I reuse an address?

Everyone knows that spending from an address multiple times is bad, because Winternitz OTS. But, what does that mean, exactly? What information is leaked in each signature, and how would an attacker ...

security address-reuse  
asked by todofixthis 13 votes
answered by Laurence 15 votes
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