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Full node vs permanode

I would like to clarify the distinction between the pragmatics and incentive of running a full node vs a permanode. Could you comment if my statements correct,and if necessary correct mine to ...

iri-node permanode  
asked by user3223162 9 votes
answered by user3223162 1 vote

How exactly are transactions verified and confirmed in IOTA

What I understand is when I purchase an IOTA the source which I make my purchase is one of the node in the network of nodes. This node uses the Monte Carlo algorithm to pick two previous transactions ...

transaction snapshot milestones  
asked by amitnair92 8 votes
answered by Zauz 4 votes

Why is the normalized hash considered insecure when containing the char 'M'

Looking at the code of the iota.lib.js' bundle creation mechanism, a normalized hash is computed and then checked for inclusion of 13 /* = M */. If one is found, the obsoleteTag is incremented, and ...

security bundles hashing legacy-protocol  
asked by Akkumulator 10 votes
answered by Come-from-Beyond 9 votes

What is the Actual IOTA Algorithm for Tip Selection?

The IOTA Whitepaper dances around suggestions as to how a tip selection algorithm should be constructed. We need checkpoints for security to ensure that λ > μ (Arrival rate of honest nodes) > ...

iota-network tip-selection white-paper algorithm  
asked by Bill Bisco 11 votes
answered by mihi 7 votes

How to migrate second Seed or more to Firefly

I did use Trinity since one month and had in it 3 Seeds. Now I did migrate one of the seeds to Firefly and I did want to migrate the second Seed and use a it with Firefly, but I found only the ...

wallet seed migration firefly  
asked by Andreas Bartels 1 vote
answered by mihi 2 votes

How can I recover my IOTA balance?

I transferred iota from Bitfinex to my wallet in October. And at first the wallet displayed the balance but then it went to zero. How can I troubleshoot/recover my balance?

wallet address iota-recovery  
asked by Hyetigran 6 votes
answered by HuKo 8 votes

Is migration from Trinity to Firefly still possible?

Because of the pandemic, iota was not high priority. Missed the seed migration period. We have firefly. We have Iota on Trinity still Now, what can we do?

wallet chrysalis firefly  
asked by STEPHEN 2 votes
answered by M K 2 votes
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