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Why does the tangle exhibit clumping?

In the Iota whitepaper the tangle is depicted as a uni-directional graph with a uniformly random set of connections between graph nodes. In the current implementation the true topology of the tangle ...

tangle milestones  
user avatar asked by Spamalot Score of 10

Will the total supply of IOTA tokens ever increase?

When wealth is created through work, shouldn't the currency supply also increase to ensure the liquidity of wealth? Edit: The total supply of IOTA tokens right now is (3^33-1)/2. The circulating ...

user avatar asked by Bayequentist Score of 5
user avatar answered by aboose Score of 13

IOTA full-node network

I set up full-nodes to "help the IOTA network". I asked myself: How does my full-node help the network? On the full-nodes that are publicly listed in the official wallet app, there are a many light ...

iri-node iota-network  
user avatar asked by IW01 Score of 6
user avatar answered by Werner der Champ Score of 2

What is the average transaction time in IOTA?

In other blockchains, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, the transaction time is limited by the block time. Even then, there's no guarantee your transaction will be incorporated into the next block. (I'll ...

transaction confirmation  
user avatar asked by Richard Horrocks Score of 14
user avatar answered by mihi Score of 6

Possibility of installing IOTA on a micro-controller?

Is it possible to install the IOTA library on a micro-controller such as ESP (ESP8266)? Such that it can write in the Tangle by sending a transaction?

iota-network internet-of-things energy-consumption  
user avatar asked by Questioner Score of 6
user avatar answered by kfx Score of 6

How can I recover my IOTA balance?

I transferred iota from Bitfinex to my wallet in October. And at first the wallet displayed the balance but then it went to zero. How can I troubleshoot/recover my balance?

wallet address iota-recovery  
user avatar asked by Hyetigran Score of 6
user avatar answered by HuKo Score of 8

Iota Light Wallet 2.5.7 Connection Refused

I am not able to get into my Iota account using Iota Light Wallet 2.5.7. I always get a Connection Refused error. The only responding node is the following but always get the Connection Refused error. ...

transaction wallet  
user avatar asked by Arkadiusz Pęk Score of 2
user avatar answered by Arkadiusz Pęk Score of 2

Can you answer this question?

IOTA indexed messages using IOTA address

Is it possible to encrypt or make sure that the indexed IOTA messages are received/extracted only by receiver they are meant for. My user case: User A, B, and C each have IDs that are known to all ...

user avatar asked by NewIotaUser3217 Score of 1
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