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Top new questions this week:

Install IRI full node on my PC Ubuntu: shows canceled

I want to install IRI full node IoTA on my PC with Ubuntu bionic 18.04 with core i3 and 8GB RAM. I entered the following command to install IRI: sudo bash < <(curl -s ...

iri-node iota-network iot  
asked by Istabraq Mahmood 1 vote
answered by Nuriel Shem-Tov 1 vote

IoT sensor publish data to tangle with IoTA platform using MQTT and MAM

I have pulse sensor connected to NodeMCU. This sensor publishes data to Mosquitto by MQTT protocol. I want to receive data from broker and publish it to tangle using MQTT and MAM. Mosquitto broker is ...

iota-network iot  
asked by Istabraq Mahmood 1 vote
answered by Antonio Nardella 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Address re-use and snapshot

If an address was used more than once to spend, as was the case in the September claim, are addresses that were weakened for violating the Winternitz, One Time Signiture architecture of the tangle, ...

security seed snapshot address-reuse winternitz  
asked by KelpieOnPond 7 votes
answered by Werner der Champ 12 votes

What's the difference between a private key and a seed?

What is the difference between a private key and a seed? When people talk about the "secret key", do they mean the "private key? Are they the same? What are public keys? How are they related to ...

seed address private-key public-key  
asked by Zauz 11 votes
answered by ben75 17 votes

How long does a transfer IOTAs from the wallet to the exchange (Bitfinex) take?

Downloading IOTAs from the exchange to the wallet is somehow slow but in the end it works. Uploading just does not seem to work even using the reattach or promote options.

transaction wallet pending exchanges  
asked by Chris S. 4 votes

Full node vs permanode

I would like to clarify the distinction between the pragmatics and incentive of running a full node vs a permanode. Could you comment if my statements correct,and if necessary correct mine to ...

iri-node permanode  
asked by user3223162 9 votes
answered by user3223162 1 vote

What are the expected advantages of Curl-P over Kerl algorithm?

The current hashing algorithm of IOTA is Kerl—a ternary version of Keccak algorithm. But the IOTA foundation is still researching on Curl to develop Curl-P. So, which major advantages does one expect ...

kerl curl algorithm hashing  
asked by Tobi MZ 6 votes
answered by Laurence 12 votes

How are taxes paid in the future if finally my car pays for parking?

If there are more and more people in cryptos especially IOTA, how will they pay taxes for their data or electricity? I am from Germany and if I want to sell things e.g. electricity and gain more ...

transaction economics internet-of-things  
asked by V3RSUS_V 6 votes
answered by Citrullin 3 votes

IOTA full-node network

I set up full-nodes to "help the IOTA network". I asked myself: How does my full-node help the network? On the full-nodes that are publicly listed in the official wallet app, there are a many light ...

iri-node iota-network  
asked by IW01 6 votes
answered by Werner der Champ 1 vote

Can you answer this question?

Coordicide Whitepaper Jan 2020, Mana System, Averaged Mana

In coordicide whitepaper in section 3.3 the mana system is introduced. It is stated that an averaged version of mana will be used. While I think I understand the necessity to use the averaged mana I ...

asked by JustAGuest 1 vote
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