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My IOTA balance is not correct

I have tried to search deep into this before submitting here. I have changed nodes, attached to tangle a few times and also changed 'minWeightMagnitude' to 14. None of those seem to reflect my ...

wallet balances  
user avatar asked by IOStark Score of 4
user avatar answered by Bayequentist Score of 4

IOTA OSI layer 4 protocol?

IOTA claims, on their website, to be OSI layer 4 (transport layer). I would like to get information about this. I'm currently working with a MCU and would like to use this protocol. Is there a ...

user avatar asked by Citrullin Score of 4
user avatar answered by StephenFan Score of 1

When I lose 2FA for Trinity do I still have access using my Seed?

I use 2FA and my password to sent transaction via Trinity. When I would lose my smartphone with Google authenticator do I still have the option to get my IOTAs with my Seed? Thank you!

user avatar asked by Gabriel Score of 3
user avatar answered by ben75 Score of 2

How to read the Tangle database?

For infinite number of reasons it might be interesting to access transaction history stored on the Tangle. I tried to do that myself, because I was interested in how many addresses are at risk because ...

tangle java windows  
user avatar asked by doji Score of 6
user avatar answered by doji Score of 3

Why does the signatureMessageFragment have a fixed size?

A transaction in IOTA consists of 2673 trytes. The biggest part is the signatureMessageFragment (more infos here) which has a size of 2187 trytes. It is used to store the signature of value ...

transaction protocol  
user avatar asked by Zauz Score of 13
user avatar answered by Come-from-Beyond Score of 12

How long does a transfer IOTAs from the wallet to the exchange (Bitfinex) take?

Downloading IOTAs from the exchange to the wallet is somehow slow but in the end it works. Uploading just does not seem to work even using the reattach or promote options.

transaction wallet pending exchanges  
user avatar asked by Chris S. Score of 4

What is the difference between a light node and a full node GUI wallet?

What is the exact difference between a full node wallet and a light node GUI wallet and which of both should I use?

iri-node wallet light-node  
user avatar asked by Mo. Score of 5
user avatar answered by Zauz Score of 5
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