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What are the maths to convert bytes <-> trytes?

I've heard that one byte contains as much data as "about 5 trits". However, I'm not entirely clear on how the conversion works. How do I convert binary data into balanced ternary (and vice versa)? ...

legacy-protocol ternary  
user avatar asked by todofixthis Score of 7
user avatar answered by mihi Score of 7

Why do some of my transactions have Weight Magnitude 16, although I have set it to 14?

When looking at transactions in a tangle explorer website, some transactions like this (not mine) show up as Weight Magnitude 16. This also happens for my transactions where I am sure that I had set ...

transaction pow min-weight-magnitude  
user avatar asked by mihi Score of 15
user avatar answered by mihi Score of 13

In the IOTA wallet, what does the Promote button do?

In the 2.5.5 version of the official IOTA wallet, "Reattach" seems to have been replaced with "Promote". What does Promote do that Reattach didn't, and how does it improve transaction confirmation?

user avatar asked by dreid Score of 13
user avatar answered by mihi Score of 14

Cant log in with trinity wallet deskop on Win 10 64bit

So I generated a new Seed and now i would like to log in, but whenever I enter my password I get following error: Node returned an error while fetching your account information, change node Whenever I ...

user avatar asked by Phạm Thành Đạt Score of 1

My IOTA balance is not correct

I have tried to search deep into this before submitting here. I have changed nodes, attached to tangle a few times and also changed 'minWeightMagnitude' to 14. None of those seem to reflect my ...

wallet balances  
user avatar asked by IOStark Score of 4
user avatar answered by Bayequentist Score of 4

What are the IOTA disk space needs?

This is along the lines of "What are the minimal system requirements to run a full node (iri)?", but I'm specifically asking about disk space. The current Bitcoin blockchain data is around 170 GB in ...

tangle requirements  
user avatar asked by Richard Horrocks Score of 10
user avatar answered by slippedon Score of 6

My address shown in Firefly starts with atoi1 instead of iota1

When I created a new wallet (or migrated an existing one) to Firefly, the address shown starts with atoi1 and not iota1. Others cannot send funds to that address.

user avatar asked by mihi Score of 1
user avatar answered by Gabriel Alzate Score of 2
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