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Why is the normalized hash considered insecure when containing the char 'M'

Looking at the code of the iota.lib.js' bundle creation mechanism, a normalized hash is computed and then checked for inclusion of 13 /* = M */. If one is found, the obsoleteTag is incremented, and ...

security bundles hashing  
asked by Akkumulator 9 votes
answered by Come-from-Beyond 8 votes

What is JINN project?

I would like to know more about the JINN project. What is JINN? Why is it important to Iota? Where can I get more information about JINN?

ternary jinn ternary-hardware  
asked by Avelino 8 votes
answered by ben75 8 votes

How can IOTA's proof of work provide sufficient network security?

This is a controversial post I found in the IOTA slack. The concerns are regarding IOTA's security. How does IOTA approach the specific statements? IOTA is fundamentally broken. It's a PoW ...

security tangle coordinator  
asked by Tobi MZ 2 votes
answered by Tobi MZ 7 votes

Can I run a full node on Galaxy S8?

Are any android nodes in production for use on mobile devices? Running a full node on android is my goal

asked by Mick van Kampen 1 vote

What happens if I send money to the wrong address?

What happens if I make one mistake in the adrress where I want to send my money to? For example if I write an i instead of l inside the address. Would the money be send to that wrong addrress ...

transaction address  
asked by Vrom 2 votes
answered by Daniel F 8 votes

Do I Have to Change My Seed after Multiple Transactions?

Is it recommended to change the seed and transfer the funds after creating a higher, specific amount of Receive addresses and doing multiple (20+), completed transactions (no double-spending of ...

transaction wallet security seed  
asked by ZiiZou 7 votes
answered by Zauz 8 votes

How to know a transaction is "confirmed"?

I'm building a little IOTA test project with TypeScript + Node.js. I want to start an action when IOTAs are received on an certain address. I've tried the findTransactionObjects function, but I ...

transaction iri-api javascript development  
asked by user11909 9 votes
answered by mihi 8 votes
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